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    Beezer Playhouses to the others and see how Beezer is easily the best indoor playhouse around!  Our patent pending design allows plastic and cardboard to combine to make the ultimate easy-to-store indoor playhouse.  Plus it’s 100% recyclable.  See below to learn more!

    Beezer Pop-Up/Cloth Cardboard Plastic
    House Size 42″ wide x 45″ deep x 60″ tall 30″ sqare up to 48″ square Typically 30″-45″ square. Sizes Vary
    Door Opening Huge double thickness door with plastic doorframe opening that measures 42″ high and 19″ wide. It’s even big enough for adults! Cloth flap Single cardboard door with cardboard hinge. Door opening is small prone to wear and tear, frequently leading to the failure of the playhouse. Plastic door with plastic hinge. Opening sizes similar to Beezer.
    Convenience It’s easy to take to a friends house or to Grandma’s…and it’s easy-to-store with convenient storage case. Quick set-up, small storage Tab and slot constrution, difficult to dissassemble Plastic playhouses require a dedicated space and are difficult to move.
    Assembly Half the fun is building the Beezer! Just like Legos, part of the fun is sharing time together and seeing it come to life. tent like wire and cloth Simple parent-only asembly Large components make assembly challenging. Not intended to be dissassembled.
    Instructions A Full color step-by-step poster makes building easy and fun! No black & white hard-to-follow instructions here! paper – black and white paper – black and white paper – black and white
    Creative Space Removable boys and girls decals make exterior decoration fun. The all-white interior is a blank canvas for creative minds! limited creative potential Lots of creative potential often with color-your-own designs. Limited creative potential
    Cute Factor Full color exterior and cute plastic windows and doorframe make this the most realistic playhouse around. This playhouse is cute enough to be a full time fixture in any home play room! Tent-like construction makes them appear flimsy and weak. Although children’s decorations are beautiful in their own way, they often don’t go well with our home décor! Plastic playhouses tend to become an eyesore once they’ve gathered dirt and baked in the sun.
    Durability Plastic fasteners, doorframe, and hinges give the heavy duty cardboard walls the strength to hold up to active play, and our door is double thickness ensure long lasting fun! Lightweight Nylon, polyester, and vinyl walls and wires are easy to damage. Doors and walls are week points that cause the playhouse to be flimsy. The tab and slot construction makes them difficult to take apart and often tear. Durable plastic construction
    Eco-impact Our playhouses are 100% recyclable! Synthetic fibers created from non-renewable petroleum 100% recyclable Completely constructed from plastics made from non-renewable petroleum.
    Interior Use Beezer is designed for indoor fun. It’s perfect for cold snowy days or during the heat of the summer. It makes a great toy box when not in use and when you need to put it away it stores easily under a bed. Intended for Interior use Intended for Interior use Many are too large for indoor use
    Exterior use Beezer is perfect as a sunny day lemonade stand! And when the fun is over it quickly stores in its convenient carrying case. Capable of exterior use Difficult to use outdoors due to tab and slot construction. Intended for Exterior Use
    Price $159.99
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    $30-$230 $30-$90 $300 and up
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