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    What’s a Beezer Playhouse?  It’s the ultimate indoor playhouse!

    Remember the fun you had as a child with a large cardboard box? If so, you know that cardboard playhouses are the best toy in the house….but active play is hard on a homemade playhouse and it doesn’t take long before a cardboard house looks a little rough.

    Comparison of indoor cardboard playhouses

    Now the fun of the cardboard house has been taken to a whole new level.  Beezer Playhouses has created the ultimate indoor playhouse that transforms the cardboard house into a fun-to-build, easy-to-store, and long-lasting playhouse that inspires creative play.

    Kids and parents can agree – the Beezer Cottage Playhouse is the ultimate indoor play house!

    What Makes Beezer Playhouses Special?

    We always say that building it is half the fun! Our cute plastic windows, fun working door, heavy cardboard walls, and BeezerBit fasteners combine to make a sturdy indoor playhouse that’s fun for children and parents to build together.  It’s like life-size legos!

    Portable fold-up playhouse 

    How BeezerBits work

    BeezerBits are simple; it’s a quarter turn fastener that is used to assemble all the pieces of the Beezer Playhouse.  You can attach windows to walls, walls together, even the plastic door hinges are held to the door with BeezerBits!

    Windows and doors for cardboard playhouse

    But BeezerBits do more than just make assembly fun, they also make the Beezer Playhouse strong!  The plastic windows and doorframe make the walls tough, not flimsy like other cardboard playhouses.    And our fold-over roof design along with double thickness door make this one long-lasting playhouse.

    Building the Beezer Playhouse

    Good instructions are the key to making building fun, and Beezer has the best instructions around.  Our full color poster instructions take you step-by-step though assembly process and give you some pointers to make it easier along the way.

    Cardboard playhouse set-up

    Here’s a quote from one of our happy customers.

    “The Beezer Playhouse comes with one of the most exceptional instruction sheets I have experienced with any children’s product I’ve seen. The illustrations were extremely clear and the written directions complemented the illustrations well. More companies should provide directions like these!”

    Convenience is the key

    Don’t have room for a permanent playhouse?  Neither do we!  That’s why we made Beezer Playhouses easy-to-store and easy-to-move.  In less than 5 minutes the playhouse can be disassembled and folded away in the convenient storage case that’s designed to fit easily under a single bed.

    Playhouse folded-up in the box

    Want to take the playhouse to Grandma’s while you’re off on a couples get-away?  No problem!  The storage case has a handle for easy transport and we haven’t found a car yet that we can’t get it in.

    And what could be easier than having it delivered right to your door!  We’ll ship within 48 hours and within days it will arrive right at your door.  Shop now to see our latest specials.

    Many ways to play

    Our playhouses are designed with fun top of mind!  The exterior of the playhouse can be custom decorated with the cute girls’ removable decals or the whimsical boys.  If that’s not enough, the all-white interior is perfect for the little ones to color and draw.  Ssshhh…. don’t tell them, but it’s hidden inside where only they can see it. Hooray!

    Indoor playhouse for toddlers

    If exterior color and design are your thing, guess what….it’s reversible!  Put the white walls out and decorate the exterior however you can dream.

    And we all know that children can grow tired of toys once they’ve been around awhile.  Beezer Playhouses are perfect because they can be easily stored away and reintroduced a few weeks later.  Trust us, your kids will be just as excited as the first time they saw it.  What a great idea!

    Beezer Playhouses Make the Perfect Gift

    If you’re looking to gift a playhouse for either a birthday or the holidays, there’s none better than Beezer.  Our playhouses come in an easy to wrap storage box, and can be delivered directly to the lucky birthday boy or girl.

    We’ve also got a special birthday savings offer.  If you’re buying the Beezer Playhouse for a birthday, just enter coupong code “birthday” at check out and save 10% on top of any current promotions.  It’s the best deal around and will make you the coolest gifter in town!


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    Thank you for checking out Beezer Playhouses! 

    We hope you like our unique collapsible playhouse.  If you have any more questions please email us at info@beezerplayhouses.com.


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